iMac & Thunderbolt Computer Stand Maple Wood


LIFT was designed to specifically improve your posture and overall health while working at your desk. Research indicates that monitors should be at an eye level to prevent strain and slouching. LIFT was made to raise your iMac exactly 2" to eliminate both these issues while sitting at your workstation.

Carved from solid Maple, LIFT is smooth and curvy. Be it to elevate your workspace, or add a touch of class to your modern set-up - LIFT is ready to improve your space, and your health.

Fits 27" iMac.

If you're interested in a custom size Lift or just have a question regarding it, please don't hesitate to contact us :)

*Please note the grain & colour of the wood will vary slightly.

The images used on the listing are a representation of the item and do not feature the exact item that will ship.

Each lift is completely unique and cannot be duplicated.*